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Jake Curren


Teton Doors and Millwork

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Jake's Story

Jake Curren, the proud owner of Teton Valley Finish Carpentry located in Teton Valley, Idaho, has had a lifelong passion for carpentry rooted in his upbringing. Growing up with a father who is both an engineer and a contractor, Jake spent his childhood immersed in the carpentry world.

With a solid foundation in welding and 18 years of experience working for a construction supplier, Jake's journey in the industry has been marked by a commitment to excellence. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with a diverse array of clients, including contractors, engineers, and municipal entities like the city of Rexburg.

Jake holds a degree in Construction Management from BYU Idaho, graduating in 2005, which has equipped him with the knowledge and expertise to excel in his field. What truly sets Jake's approach apart is his unwavering dedication to customer service and the uncompromising quality of his team's work. From modest residential projects to multi-million-dollar estates, Jake's meticulous attention to detail shines through, earning Teton Valley Finish Carpentry a reputation for excellence.

One of Jake's greatest strengths lies in his ability to tackle challenging projects and provide innovative solutions tailored to his clients' needs. His effective communication style ensures that clients are always informed and involved throughout the process, fostering trust by staying within a set budget and satisfaction.

At the core of every thriving carpentry enterprise lies a dedicated team, and for Jake Curren, this support extends beyond his talented carpenters to include his wife, Apryl Curren. With over two decades of nursing experience under her belt, Apryl brings invaluable skills to the table, overseeing clerical duties and conducting meticulous quality checks. Her unwavering commitment ensures that every facet of Teton Valley Finish Carpentry adheres to the utmost standards of excellence.

While Jake's dedication to his craft is undeniable, his love for family and the great outdoors remains at the forefront of his priorities. When he's not on the job, you can find Jake indulging in his favorite outdoor pursuits, from skiing and mountain biking to rafting and photography.

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