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Cody Lund

Owner/ Founder 

Teton Doors and Millwork

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Cody's Story

Cody Lund, Owner of Teton Doors and Millwork, hails from the picturesque Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Raised amidst the hum and rhythm of construction sites, Cody's affinity for the industry was fostered by his father, a renowned home builder in Jackson. With High Mountain Construction, his father's company, having crafted over 100 homes in Jackson, Cody's foundation in construction is firmly entrenched in family legacy.


In 2011, Cody shifted his base to Teton Valley, amplifying his credentials with a business degree from Utah State University, where he distinguished himself with honors in Business. Life in the Tetons is more than just a geographical location for Cody; it's home. Alongside his wife Kayla, they revel in the joys of parenting three amazing girls and an exuberant boy. Whether it's cheering from the sidelines at sports events or exploring the terrains of Teton Valley through dirt biking, snowmobiling, or boating, the Lunds are always on the move.


After a stint in the commercial construction realm of Seattle, contributing to projects for giants like Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, and Seattle Children's Hospital, Cody's heartstrings pulled him back to the Tetons. By 2014, he was back, not just professionally, but also building a life and home amidst the mountains he cherishes.


Teton Doors and Millwork is a culmination of Cody's lifelong passion. Realizing the challenges faced by many in realizing their dream homes within a budget, Teton Doors aims to bridge that gap. Offering exquisite doors, millwork, mantles, corbels, and beams,


Cody's mission is to bring clients' visions to life without compromising on quality or budget. The satisfaction of turning architectural dreams into tangible realities is the driving force behind Teton Doors and Millwork. While he also takes pride in his venture, Elk Ridge Builders, Teton Doors stands as a testament to his commitment to quality supplies for all building needs.

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